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Update part Two….

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June brought on the Glenti Festival, rich in European culture.  Most people go there for the food, but we solely went for Dora.  Ethan couldn’t take his eyes off her.  Will and Xav had great fun on the fixed motor bikes.  Getting a real one has come up in conversation a few times since.  My dad has recently purchased and electric motor bike that’s the right size for Will.  Thanks for that.  I thought I had another year or two before I had to worry about that.  It has motivated Xav to think about getting his training wheels off, but so far without success. 

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Xavier’s Preschool has an Athletics carnival that partly joins in with the joining Primary School (Will’s school. He was sick for a few days so didn’t participate.)  ‘A’ for effort Xav. 

As always, Ethan managed to get in on the action too.

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