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Devils Marbles….

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Approximately 500km north of Alice Springs the are a cluster of round rocks piled up in two piles.  Its as if they have come out of nowhere.  Very random.  We decided that would be a good spot for a rest and a few photos to break up the final day of travel.

03.10 (18) 03.10 (20) 03.10 (36) 03.10 (43)

03.10 (49) 03.10 (74) 03.10 (77) 03.10 (9)

03.10 (30) 03.10 (10) 03.10 (27) 03.10 (22)

The kids didn’t want to leave.  Who needs a fun park when you can play on rocks?

Monash Adventure Park….

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After an week and a half of good times, a lot of wine, catching up with friends and family, we decided to extend our return trip by one day.  Day one we drove Corowa to Barmera, an easy 8hr drive.  From what we could see of the town it seemed ok but a freak rolling in of dust blocked our Motel view overlooking Lake Bonny, and limited our vision to around 100m.  The sports club where we had dinner was set up for families, so we might stop there again.  When there isn’t as much dust.  The next day we planned as a fun day, with only 2-3 hours in the car.  We headed to the Monash Adventure Park.  We should have checked the opening time first, but after some morning tea in Berri, a fun time was had by all.

01.10 (282) 01.10 (58) 01.10 (6) 01.10 (91) Xavier tripped just before we left on wooden steps in the maze. 01.10 (259) 01.10 (19) 01.10 (16) 01.10 (144) 01.10 (12) 01.10 (161) 01.10 (65)

William’s 5th Birthday….

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Due to a last minute trip to Corowa, William’s birthday was pushed forward a few days.  Just had a few of his Preschool friends over for cake and watermelon.  He had two cakes on the day, one for Preschool than one for home.  They where aliens constructed and consumed  in record time.

I've heard this song already today. A1 and A2 Fairy Beau Jett and Hunter being boys

The actual birthday was the day we arrived in Corowa.  It was late notice but Gwynfor whipped up some cupcakes so we could all acknowledge the day.  William had a great time at both of his birthdays.

Mmmm, more cake Vegetables before cake.  Not impressed. Just one more... no one will notice.   Finger licking good.

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