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Xavier Vs The Hulk….

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07.04 (7) 07.04 (9) 12.03 (15)


Mid Tuesday afternoon, it was on.  The Hulk against the almighty Xavier Jones.

There was shoving, jumping, pushing and maybe a little air punching.  Who would come out on on top????

It was a close match, but Xavier was victorious, this time. 

Stages…. fun…

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17.01 (27)  17.01 (25)  17.01 (23)17.01 (24)  

If the house is quiet, a little too quiet, I tend to look for Ethan, to see what he is doing, down the adult end of the house.  This is a no toys zone.  This is what I would find.  We have since purchased a proper cabinet that is higher than the coffee table.  Now he pulls the movies out of the cabinet and turns off the computer, usually when I’m on it.  Roll on to the next stage I say through gritted teeth.

Climbing before Walking….

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I thought I had a few more months before Ethan’s scaffolding stage began.  I was wrong.

05.04 (8)  12.03 (11)  15.02 (18)

He pushes the kids chairs around the whole house to get to anything we usually don’t want him to get into.   How can you get cross at that face.  Too cute.

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