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William turns Four…

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With a click of a finger and a wink of an eye, William is another year older.  He is loving Pre-school and is getting more and more confident on his bike (minus the training wheels) with each day.  We just had a quiet little Birthday lunch with just the neighbours over.  I put the idea of a class party out there, but this is what Will wanted. 

William’s favourite things at the moment are Dragons and Robots.  So for his birthday he got a dragon and a spidersapian robot and a dinosaur that moves its head and roars.  Will has barely stopped smiling all day,  The Party finished off with a Dragon birthday cake I made.  He was stoked.   I forgot to put the wings on, so don’t mistake it for a dinosaur.

Will's 4th Birthday 21.09 Will's 4th Birthday 21.09 (2)

Will's 4th Birthday 21.09 (5) Will's 4th Birthday 21.09 (7)

Ethan at Seven and a half months…

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Ethan has been sitting for a few weeks now.  Next stage crawling.  I can wait for that.  He is saying dada and is starting to wave, which is very cute.  He is getting a decent coverage of hair.  It doesn’t look like it will be as blonde as we originally thought.  Not like Xavier’s anyway.  He is a happy and healthy little boy.

Ethan 06.09

We headed to the Leanyer Rec/Water Park on Sunday with the neighbours  We all had a swim in the pool as  well as going in the water playground side.  Ethan really enjoyed it.  Which is good, swimming lessons for all the boys start next term.

We stopped going to the rec park for a few months, the water got a bit cold for the couple of months the nights got below twenty.  It sounds like we are acclimatizing, sad but true.

How fast they learn!!!

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Today is another milestone day in the development of William, he has learnt how to ride his bike without his training wheels. We have been telling him that we would by him a bigger bike for his 4th birthday if he learns how to ride his old one before  his birthday (21 Sept 08),  looks like we are off to the shops.

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