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New Couch….

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After many weeks of waiting, our new couch has arrived.  Now when we have people over we can all sit down.  Now I just have to pick out a new TV bench, some cushions, a rug and some pictures for the walls.  But what colours do I go for???? 


New Couch!!!

Ethan at 3 months…

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Phew, Ethan isn’t a giant.  The midwife must have stuffed up and wrote down the wrong measurement last month.  He is still a good size, sitting between the 75th and 90th percentile for his age.  Currently he is 64cm Long and weighs 7.730kg.  Happy and healthy.


Ethan 27.04.08                All the boys 27.04.08

First Day of Pre School…

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It was Will’s first day of Pre School today.  My little boy is growing up.  He had a great time.  I hope he will feel the same tomorrow.


Brotherly Love…

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If only they could be this nice to each other everyday.

dsc00491.JPG       Xavier and Ethan       dsc00496.JPG

Growth Update…

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I knew Ethan was growing well, but we didn’t realise just how much until he was weighed on Monday (31.03.08).

His current measurements are:

Head circumference: 41cm

Weight: 7.020kg

Length: 70cm

The Graphs speak for themselves.  Ethan is the dot way above the coloured lines where most babies are, big and small.  Basketball lessons in out future???  But as the photos show, he is nicely in proportion, not Buddha-ish. 

 Weight Chart Length Chart


04.04.08 (14) Cheeky already.04.04.08 (15) 04.04.08

Easter 2008

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This Easter we had Peter, Evan and Tanya up for a few days.  This gave us a chance to give ourselves a tourist eye view of the place we live in.  Most nights we went to our local park to where out the kids before bed.  I don’t know who had more fun, the little boys or the big ones.  The dry season has not started just yet, so a simple game of kick to kick came with a hole lot of sweat.

DSCF0975 20.03.08 (4) 20.03.08 (6)

No trip to the Northern Territory would be complete without a trip to Crocodylus Park.  There is more than just crocs.  There are lions, several different monkeys and a few Aussie native animals.

21.03.08 (5)

One day we chose to where everyone out at the Leanyer Rec Park.  Much fun was had by all.

DSCF0976 DSCF0978 DSCF0982 DSCF0985 DSCF0994

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