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Leanyer Recreation Park…

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Terry & Xav under mushroom Sleeping Ethan

 Who can we shoot next? NO! Not the big bucket!


This place is only about five minutes away from our place.  It has two giant water guns that kids like to shoot their parents or complete strangers with.  There is a bigger bit to it that you cant see in these photos that has a large bucket on the top that fills with water and tips the water out over everyone below.  It comes down with a bit of force, Will wont go near it, yet.  It was our first trip there with Ethan.  He either ate and slept the whole time.  The water is strongly chlorinated, so he wont be venturing into the water there for a while yet.  He’ll have to put up with the sprinkler at home instead.  There are slides and all sorts of things to get you wet.  It looks to become a regular weekend outing for this Jones family.  The only draw back is not enough trees.  There is also a regular play area and a swimming pool.  You could easily make a day of it and we probably will once the humidity drops.  Fun, free and life guards.  What more could you ask for.


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04.03.08a (14)  07.03.08 (7)

Ethan is thriving.  I cant believe how much he has grown already, centimetres.  And we’ll just say he isn’t starving.  In proportion.04.03.08a (11)    04.03.08 (27)









Will and Xavier are keeping us busy.  New day, new phase.  Xavier is all about ‘mine’ at the moment.  Will is such a boy now and has a lot of attitude to go with it.  We try to have fun as much as we can between the clashing of heads.

The best advice I got from mum recently, don’t sweat the little things.

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