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One day…

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One day Ethan will let me take a nice photo of him. In the mean time this is the best I can get…

 IMG_2524  0112101750-00  0109100838-00 It's rare but occasionly we get one half decent 

1231091645-00   Xavier's Grumpy FaceIMG_2539

 IMG_2553Gee I wonder where the other two get it from????? IMG_2552

Xavier’s First Day of Preschool

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0128100832-01  0128100832-00

I don’t think Xavier could have been more ready to to start Preschool.  The Christmas holidays were a count down to School.  A few days before he started he suddenly got a bit unsure but once he walked in the room and realised he knew the teachers and they knew him.  He is enjoying it everyday and isn’t naughty, because as he puts it, “the naughty chair is boring so I just be good”. I wish that worked at home.

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