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Best of Photos…..

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These are just a few photos that were taken of William at preschool this year….

Will Python  Will Bikes  Will GM1_1  Will & Nick Bike

 Will pet rock  Will Travel agent   Will Wig 

 Will & Jett pool lounging T4W3   Will Computer Will Spaceship T4W3

Getting fishy in here….

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A couple of weeks ago we headed out as a family to a pet shop to suss out getting fish.  I thought a basic tank system and a few gold fish.  After a look at what was on offer, we decided on three fighting fish (betta)  in a divided tank.  Each one is a different colour so we know who owns what.  The names for the fish changes daily, but today it is Rhys, Jack and Max.  Will and Xavier are always eager to feed them.  ‘But they look hungry’  they will say several times a day.  The Dr Seuss book – fish out of water – comes into reference often.  They live in the kitchen and watch us as we walk by.   As much as I try to ignore them, I find myself down at their level watching them and their funny displays.  One in particular is always up for a fight and tries to jump out, fortunately we have a heavy enough lid.

IMG_1878  Quietest of the bunch  

Bubble nest King  The fiesty one

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