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The long awaited Baby is here!

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Ethan Parker Jones was born at Royal Darwin Hospital at 3:07am on the 25 Jan 08. He weighed in at 4 Kg (8 lb 13 oz) and was 50 cm long. This little fella was not waiting around, we arrived at the hospital just after 1am (2 hrs at the hospital). He was in such a hurry that he arrived while Caz was in the shower. I was chatting to the mid wife when Caz yelled out that she’s having a baby, we both ran into the shower and Caz was standing bent over holding Ethan’s head. The mid wife then held Ethan as the rest of his body came out. Caz and Ethan are both doing well and could be home as early as this afternoon.

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Expanding waist line…

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Caz Belly For those who are feeling fat today, look at me, you should be feeling rather thin.  With only 9 days till my due date, my tops and pants no longer meet, and when the kids stand at my feet, I can not see them.  Other than no longer knowing what my feet look like, I hear I have a killer thongs tan, I am keeping well.  I have a feeling this baby will be the biggest of the bunch.

I would like to hear what everyone thinks I’m having, and no, its not twins.

Our Car, at home…

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Due to a few requests, I am posting a few photos of our new car. 

New Car (1)

Silver, chrome detailing on the door handles, 18" wheels.  That’s what the brochure says anyway.





New Car (2)


Maple wood detailing on interior.  Lots of buttons.  Strange but true, it comes with a tape deck.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have tapes anymore.  It also has a six disk MP3 player.  I’ll never need to change  a disk again.



New Car (9)


Drink cooler in centre console.  Perfect for the climate we are in.  Wish we had this car before we travelled up here. 





New Car (5) Seven seat capacity allows room to move for family and friends.  The third row has its own air con vents, so its cool sailing no matter where you sit.  No more being squashed next to the car seats.  Keeh is so pleased.  Three car seats fit across the middle row.  The leather seats we hope will be more durable.  So far there is a no food rule, but that will be broken with the first road trip.  Not that that will be any time soon.


New Car (11)


With the sixth and seventh seats folded flat into the floor, I have a great boot.  I can fit the pram and many bags of groceries without any stacking.  The pram will also fit in beside one third row seat if I take the back wheels off. 




If your interested in finding out any other information Hyundai will take you there.

Update Three

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Helen has now been downgraded to a Cat 1 Cyclone and will continue to weaken, she is still tracking east towards the Gulf of Carpenteria. Where she will may reform into a Cyclone. Darwin is now through the worst of it.

Update three

Tropical Cyclone Update 2

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Well Helen has hit the coast and we are experiencing some strong wind gusts at the moment, she is expected to weaken to a Cat 1 by 4 am and then a tropical storm by morning.

Update 2

Tropical Cyclone update

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Tropical Cyclone Helen is now a category 2 cyclone and is still moving east. She is producing wind gusts of up to 130 Kph, and is located 185 Km south southwest of Darwin and moving at 15 Kph.


As you can see by the picture its not that far from here, the small dark pink ring indicates the destructive winds, and the larger ring indicates gale force winds. I will up date later in the evening or you can go to the the Bureau of meteorology web site and check for yourself.

Tropical Cyclone

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Tonight should bring us our first Category 1 tropical cyclone, Cyclone Helen.  Reports so far say we should only get a big wind storm, not the destructive 100k/hr winds further south will get.  But you can only guess what the weather is going to do.  So far today it was heading east, then a few hours later, heading west, and now it is heading north east towards us but predicted to stay south of Darwin and deteriorate over land.  If there is no blog by the end of the weekend, you will know the reports where wrong. 

We have prepared ourselves, torches on the ready, fresh batteries for the radio, if it was outside, it came in, if it doesn’t fit inside, then it’s tied down.  The good thing about living in a new suburb, you can see how the houses are built.  Its going to take a lot to knock these suckers down.  Positive thoughts people, positive thoughts.

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