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Random day at the Park

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When it wasn’t raining after dinner, we like to try and get down to the park. 

Ethan trying out the spin wonky thing  Ethan trying to tackle the spider webWilliam loves his bike.Will is getting more and more confident ont he spider web everytime

Xavier cruising into his parking spot 20.01.10 (108) Keeh tried really hard not to get a decent photo of him, but I managed one. 

 20.01.10 (78)   20.01.10 (79)

Christmas 2009….

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Better late than never…

We decided to Stay in Darwin for Christmas.  It was nice, quiet, and we didn’t have a hangover due to my families tradition of Christmas eve drinks. Not to say we didn’t have the Christmas eve drinks, have to carry on the tradition.  The boys had great fun opening their presents, although Xavier decided to take over the unwrapping duties from everyone before we even got out of bed.  Ethan just got confused and I quickly re wrapped William’s present before he woke.  The wii was a winner, but I don’t recommend doing your first body test on the wii fit after Christmas lunch. It was a lovely day.

I know its in here somewhere?? Tank from Aunty Jill, Score!  Undies from Nana...Thankyou Sugar in the morning, WOOO!!!

The confusion of having dinner at lunch got a bit much for Xavier   How not to take a wii fit body test. Instant Mario Cart experts

Pre School Breakup and Concert 03.11.09 & 11.12.09

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I know I have been slack.

This year there was a breakup party and concert for the preschool kids.

Will loved singing, the lines he knew, load and proud.  His foot even got in on the act with a bit of a tap every now and then.  The highlight for all the kids would have been the reindeer antlers that made a tune and flashed.  Fortunately they didn’t survive very long once they got home.

 03.12.09 (20) 03.12.09 (23) 03.12.09 (9)

 Up to the top with no help. 11.12.09 (12)

11.12.09 (2) 11.12.09 (3)  Pre School version of a water slide.

Ethan’s 2nd Birthday….

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 Cheeky CuteyHappy 

As you can see by the photos Ethan hated being the centre of attention.  We all had a great day that was topped off with cake with the neighbours. 

Where has the last two years gone????

 digging in Kisses for the Birthday Boy 25.01.10 (42)

   Ethan's new trike, but Will was on it all day 25.01.10 (3)  We should have named the dog Vacuum

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