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Update part Three…

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September was a busy month.  Will turned 6, the James’ came for a visit (see next post when I get around to it) and I did my first Triathlon.

IMG_3288 IMG_3291  IMG_3301

 IMG_3340 IMG_3341

 IMG_3362 IMG_3367 IMG_3383

Will’s birthday was obviously Lego themed.  It was a fun and very noisy party.

IMG_0458 IMG_3192 IMG_3282

I don’t know how I managed to finish or how I managed to smile, I had a shocker of a head cold and could barely breath, but so happy I did it. I have done one other since and plan to do many more.


Update part Two….

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IMG_2949 IMG_2945 IMG_2963 IMG_2953

June brought on the Glenti Festival, rich in European culture.  Most people go there for the food, but we solely went for Dora.  Ethan couldn’t take his eyes off her.  Will and Xav had great fun on the fixed motor bikes.  Getting a real one has come up in conversation a few times since.  My dad has recently purchased and electric motor bike that’s the right size for Will.  Thanks for that.  I thought I had another year or two before I had to worry about that.  It has motivated Xav to think about getting his training wheels off, but so far without success. 

IMG_2979 IMG_3007 IMG_2985

Xavier’s Preschool has an Athletics carnival that partly joins in with the joining Primary School (Will’s school. He was sick for a few days so didn’t participate.)  ‘A’ for effort Xav. 

As always, Ethan managed to get in on the action too.

Update.. Part One

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The eyebrows have it IMG_2706 IMG_2733 IMG_2709

Yes… I’ve been slack.

In April, Bubble’s and auntie Bet came up for a look around.  Bet had never been to Darwin Before.  They did as much as they could: Kakadu, sunset dinner cruise, shopping and no trip to Darwin would be complete without seeing some crocs.  We all headed to Crocosaurus Cove.  Everybody had sweat dripping off them but we had a good day.  The kids love having their Nana around, and they had a great time with Bet too. 

May brought a Birthday, teeth falling out and an odd bird that decided to build its nest and lay eggs in my peg basket.  One out of the two eggs hatched successfully.

IMG_2785 IMG_2816 IMG_2820 

IMG_2911 IMG_2892

IMG_28210520102103-00 IMG_2835 

IMG_2852 IMG_2857   0521101407-03

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