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New Car!

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We have finally done it. After months of trying to find the best car that suits our needs and budget, we have decided on the Hyundai Santa Fe Elite, and one will be ours as soon as Wednesday afternoon.  The snappy little economic seven seater diesel will fit us in quite nicely and will be ours before baby number 3 arrives.  Unless something happens in the next four days that is.  Fingers crossed.  I should be able to make it another three and a half weeks. 


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This is the photos of our first Christmas Day in Darwin. We had a Roast Lamb and Turkey Roll as well as the usual veggies. We also had Prawns and Bugs.

Will & Xavier Opening PresentsDSC04538

DSC04532 DSC04541

DSC04539 DSC04540


This is Terry’s new BBQ he cooked the entire Christmas Lunch in it.


Hello world!

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