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Ethan at Four Months…

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Weight: 8.220kg (up 490gm)

Length: 67.2cm (up 3.2cm)

Head Circumference: 43cm (up 0.5cm)

It still amazes me how much he can grow in just one month.

13.05.08 (6) 12.05.08 (30)

I have a feeling this little cheeky little fellow is going to keep me busy.

Obsessive Compulsive…

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As I write this I am watching a show about three English people, shoved in a house by their loved ones because they have a obsessive compulsive disorder.   One woman has been unable to touch another person in three years.  This includes her husband and children.  She uses tissues to do everything.  This all stemmed from a miscarriage due to infection.  It makes me wonder how easy it could be to slip into one of these disorders. 

My neighbours mother stayed with her for two months after the arrival of her third daughter.   Her husband is in deployed over seas.  A house cleaner comes every week for five hours, then her mother cleans the house again for the next three hours…  at least.  Is my neighbours mum on her way to becoming like this, unable to touch, or constantly washing her hands?  I cant see myself becoming a cleaning compulsive, but who knows what could spark a disorder, whatever the particular obsession is.

I used to know one person who, if she didn’t wash herself in the shower in a particular order, she would start over.  Sometimes it meant returning to the shower after dressed.  This is what she told me anyway.  I found out after the friendship dissolved that she had bigger issues than this, but that’s a whole other story.

Have a think about it, do you have anything a bit quirky that could get out of hand? 

When its time…

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When Xavier feels its time for a nap, he will find a way.  I took the boys for a walk today in the hope of de-stressing.  On our way home from the park, Xavier made a dive for the pram basket.  He has never done this before, but I let him go for it.  A few more metres down the road, I checked to see if he wanted to come out, only to find him fast asleep.  Ethan had also joined the band wagon.  So I went for a longer walk.  Kids are funny creatures.  William was happy to walk most of the way then jumped on the back for the final stint.  Good weight resistance.

03.06     03.06 (7) 03.06 (10) 03.06 (3)

Note to all with small children….

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If you feel the urge to paint the faces of small children with the face paint the claims to peel off like a mask, don’t do it.  Unless they have discovered the sensation of peeling skin.  This stuff is hard to get off without peeling it.  Cleanser doesn’t cut it.  I basically had to wait until the boys fell asleep in the afternoon to remove what I couldn’t with a damp face washer.  Xavier pulled the cutest faces once it set and felt tight on his skin.  Will still looked a little smurf-ish until he had a soak in the bath that night.

01.06  01.06 (7)

It looks a bit on the dodgy side, but it was supposed to be just a bit of fun.  Next time I’ll use my make up of proper face paint, it’ll be easier.

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