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The Eyes Have It…

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Trying to enjoy Ethan as an infant for as long as possible, the influence William and Xavier has on him has snuck up on me.  This is all his own doing, purely just copying what the boys did the previous day.  I put it on him, but he bought it to me to put on him.  He’s a funny little fella. 

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Athletics Carnival

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On the last week of term 2 Wanguri Primary School has its annual Twilight Athletics Carnival in which the preschool participates in the track events after their own fun and games.  It was all about fun.  Most kids  were laughing too much to be competitive. 

Fill the bucket race  1 sticker for every race  Ball through the hoop  Hopper race  sack race   tennis ball in the sand, dont really know the point of this one.  obstical course  Obstical Course  Running  Race  Xavier kept himself busy  Ethan enjoyed harassing the garden  Most outings in Darwin involve Watermelon.

School Photo Time again…

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You don’t realise how much the kids grow until you compare photos.  Unfortunately, William scratched his face on a branch the day before.


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