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Pool Side…

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07.10.08 (7) 07.10.08 (16)

07.10.08 (24) 11.10.08 (22)

11.10.08 (13) 06.09 (6)   

 05.10.08 11.10.08 (16)

With a pool installed at the new house over the back fence and questionable fencing regulations in NT,

I have finally got my butt into gear and have all the kids in swimming lessons.    Its only been one week

and it seems all ok.  Ethan doesn’t wear goggles, purely photographic opportunity.

With the build up here and he wet season looming, our weekends will soon revolve around time spent

at the water park.   That’s one positive of the wet season.

When Xavier is tired…

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This was at the end of Xavier having lunch.  He only made it half way off his chair before falling asleep.  This was not staged. 

He has been found in the climbing onto/off his bed position and often crashed out on the tiles, even on the tall stools at the

bench.  I don’t know how he hasn’t hurt himself.  Its always gives us a good chuckle though.

27.09.08 27.09.08 (2) 

11.10.08 (4)

Cheeky Chops in awake mode.  Currently he is working on expanding his vocabulary, or as we call it, in Parrot mode.

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