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Tracy Village Sports Club

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The Tracy Village Sports Club had an open day to entice new members on Sunday.  It is basically at the end of our street so we thought we would have a little look see.  It is promoting itself as a family friendly club.  It has a secure playground you can lock the kids in.  The inside is just another bar and pokie room, but has a beer garden which you can eat and supervise the kids in.  We decided to join.  On the open day, there was pony rides, face painting, petting zoo, clowns, BBQ, DJ, jumping castle, reverse bungee and a gladiators whack the crap out of your opponent and make them fall thing.  All free.  The clown was a bit wrong, so he was only out for a matter of minutes.  Xavier enjoyed the animals and William had a ride on the horses.  Will gave the reverse bungee a go but didnt quite understand the aim of the game.  Thumbs up for trying.   Fun was had by all.

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Territory Wildlife Park…

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Last Saturday we went went to the Territory Wildlife Park for a look.  To walk it, its just over 6km if you do all the tracks.  Its fairly flat, so its easily done.  There is a shuttle bus that loops around if walking isn’t your thing.  We arrived at about 9:15am and didn’t leave until around 3:30pm.  I had the pram for Xavier and Ethan, plus the baby harness if Ethan wouldn’t play along with the pram.  With Ethan’s spot in the pram vacant for most of the day, it gave Will the opportunity to sit back and relax.  Apart from very short stints in the pram, Will walked most of the way.  Needless to say, he slept soundly that night, we all did.  As we were about to leave, a guide came out to feed the wallabies.  Will and Xavier got to help.  No fear.  This place has a bit of everything, aquarium, monsoon forest, birds, snakes, spiders, and a huge croc. 

24.05.08 (12) 24.05.08 (14) 24.05.08 (11) 24.05.08 (9)

New PC

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Yesterday our new PC arrived from Dell, It is a pretty sweet machine. We got the XPS 420  with a 22′ LCD screen, its so much faster than our old system.


It has the following (for you tech savvy people that are interested in that sort of information):

Intel Core 2 Quad Q 6600 (2.4GHz, 8MB l2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB)


Blu-Ray Disc Drive (BD/DVD/CD burner w/double layer BD write capability)

512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT Graphics card

500 GB SATA Hard Drive

Xavier Turns 2…

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Two years have past since Xavier Harrison entered the world.  How time flies.  He was all go all day.  He is really starting to understand this whole birthday thing.  His eyes lit up every time it was mentioned on the days leading up to it. 

The day started at the usual time, around 6:30am.  It took a couple of parcels to get the knack of the unwrapping, but hew got it in the end, and if didn’t, Will was more than willing to help.

22.05.08 (7) 22.05.08 (4)

After a long day of playing with the new loot, our neighbours come over for dinner and cake.  This year was a Chocolate Pirate ship with orange islands and sea cupcakes.  Yum.

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