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November 2008…

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When in Darwin and you feel like feeding some fish instead of catching them, then aqua scene is the place to go.  This was a  few months ago, but better late than never.

Will enjoyed it, but Xavier preferred the swing. Ethan was just hot.

23 Nov 08 (5)  23 Nov 08 (6) 

Waiting for high tide

23 Nov 08 (21)  23 Nov 08 (41) 

Terry and William getting their toes nibbled on

 23 Nov 08 (15) 

The ugly fish

  23 Nov 08 (32)  23 Nov 08 (18) 

Xavier having more fun on the swing than feeding the fish

Sick days…

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William is home sick from school this week.  To fill in the morning, Xavier decided he wanted to be a tiger and Will, always wanting to challenge me, wanted to be a Dragon.

Xavier was a difficult as a real tiger to photograph. 

11.03 (14) 11.03 (21)

Yes the Dragon looks a bit ‘Special’, but how else would you do it?  The red is flames coming from his mouth.

I think it’ll be a few more months until Ethan gets in on the act.

Sorry it has been so long between blogs, Terry is always on Facebook.

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