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Ethan’s First Birthday

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I cant believe it, Ethan has been in the world for 12 months already.  The year has flown by.  We kept the day pretty low key.  As with most first birthdays, there is more fascination with the paper and boxes, than with the presents themselves.  The day bought more excitement to William and Xavier than to Ethan.  Ethan got a blow up Pirate ship that Will and Xavier spent half the day in and managed to turn our pathetic excuse for a lawn, into mud.  Ethan played in it for a little bit, but Will and Xavier were a little too active for his liking.  The girls from next door came over in her afternoon.  We had to drag all of them out of the ship to get them to eat dinner.  The cake turned out ok, it was supposed to be Smurf inspired.  It could have been better, but that didn’t stop anyone from eating a piece or two.  Ethan enjoyed it.

Rub a dub dub, 3 boys in a pirate ship  Thats Xav's legs in the air...  Arrrrr, me hearties... 

 25.01 (59)  Mmmm, cake.  Splish, splash, splosh...

William Swimming

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William has been attending a holiday block of swimming lessons, during the 3 weeks he learns about as much as he would in a term. Anyway part of the training is putting your head underwater and holding your breath. During his lessons he hardly even gets his head under the water, but the other day we went to the swimming pool for our neighbours daughters birthday party and William was swimming and keeping his head under the water for a good 10 seconds at times. The video shows him by the edge of the pool but he was doing it out in the middle, he just would not get away from the edge when I had the camera.

William on an Electric Scooter

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Our next door neighbours bought there two older girls electric scooters for Xmas, On Sat afternoon William decided that he will have a turn. Took him about 5 minutes to master. To get it started you have to push it like a normal scooter, once it gets to about 3 kph the motor will start working. It has a accelerator like a motor bike and only has the brake on the handle bars and has a top speed of about 16 kph. Will now wants his own one to ride so he doesn’t have to use the Girls anymore.

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