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Mud Races

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The night before Keeh went back to Melbourne, we went to the mud races.  Everyone had fun once they got used to the noise, and smells.  I’m happy the boys didn’t venture to the fence, some kids got covered in mud, head to toe.  It didn’t help that a bunch of kids found a mud puddle to roll in.  I saw a little girl all dressed up in a pretty pink dress and white sandals, the next time I saw her, the front half of her was think with mud, the time after she was covered all over, long hair included.  I’ll be taking towels next time, just in case the kids get adventurous.

23.01.10 (5) 23.01.10 (6)

23.01.10 (12) Xav made it to about 8:30  23.01.10

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