Purrrdy Icons

Having a fun day at work today knocking up some iPhone like icons for a new main menu screen in our administration app at the mill, MilliT. The plan is that the main screen will be an array of these icons, when you either hover over or click (not sure which yet) the icon you’ll see a popup with a list of app navigation links to click on.

Finance Production Pricing Products Contacts Contracts Deliveries

If I’ve done my job well you should be able to guess what each one if for, you can check by hovering over them.

I recon they hang together pretty well.

1 thought on “Purrrdy Icons

  1. tobin Reply

    Well, if you wanted them to be iphone like – it’s a touch screen and I’d gather it would have no “hover”, but that would depend on if you could see this app running on touch screens or just regular computers.

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