Dirchie Kart Up On XBox Live

xboxboxart Some time in the wee hours of this morning Dirchie Kart received the last few community votes it needed to pass peer review and went live on the XBox Live Indie Game Marketplace.

This milestone is not signifies the completion the project and a lot of hard work, but also ticks off another personal goal.

Back when I finished Rhys Quest/Dispell I set myself the goal of getting a game published up on the XBox, at the time XNA was only a rumour so I had no idea how I might achieve that goal. Fortunately for me the tools available to me and our direction at work coincided with Microsoft’s direction with XNA and it all came together.

The big question now is where to go from here?

1 thought on “Dirchie Kart Up On XBox Live

  1. Josh Brown Reply

    Hi there congratulations on completing the game!

    i just found out about this from Tsumea and this game looks very interesting.

    Im currently studying a bachelor of Information Technology at the University of Ballarat and i am project leader for a games project being undertaken during the course of this year.

    The game we have planed to make is a bit similar to this, being built for XNA, however we where going for more of a MicroMachines with guns in a 3D world sort of thing, with completely customizable rules and local multiplayer only.

    Its the first time most of us have worked on a project of this magnitude, and we only have the one very talented programmer who has experiance with XNA in the past.

    I was just wondering if you would happen to have any basic pointers on working in XNA or any tips and tricks or things to look out for on a project similar to this, or some of the things you learned through making Dirchie Kart

    Josh Brown

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