Balloon Hat Penalty System


I’ve always envisaged Dirchie Kart as a party game with racing as it’s main game play, hence forth the convoluted party control and menu looping system. One feature I’ve planned from the start is a penalty system to make it a drinking game if you are so inclined… which I am.

This week I thought up a revolutionary way to implement it, a balloon hat (the one on BrownBot in the picture above, that looks suspiciously like a cock and balls) that grows as your penalty count increases.

There are set events in game that you get a penalty for, falling off the track, getting podded, coming last etc, while you’re racing these penalties count up, at the end of race count-up you get a penalty total for each player at which point you would take a chug of your drink for each.

At this point I’m happy with how the system works, over time we’ll develop a fair set of penalty events, I’ve got rough plans for an additional rules system, but I’ve got to bed the track down first.

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