Rim It Version 3

This isn’t actually today’s work, but some screen grabs I sent to the work guys a few weeks ago. “Rim It” is the first original track I’ve created, you race around the rim of a monster in the desert (very similar to a certain Starwars desert dwelling monster).

Today I spent testing out how much detail I can put into the levels and still have them playable in 4 player split screen.

The answer is a fair bit, but less is best to keep the frame rate up, I have a hunch if I re-jigger the viewport rendering so each object is loaded and then each viewport is rendered rather than each viewport individually I’ll get a big speed increase… but that’s going to take a lot of work!

Rim-it-V3 Map Editot Rim-it-V3-Death Rim-it-V3-Fly-In Rim-it-V3-Mine-Field

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