Order Sync Super Clean UI

Here’s the first draft of the new order sync UI design, basically it has to preload either a single order (if there’s a number entered) or all active order numbers from SAGE, then individually load up the Weighbridge version, compare the two versions (checking the production status so we don’t change anything we shouldn’t), merge the two if everything looks ok then save the result back to the weighbridge.

If I’ve done my job right you should be able to guess the status of the different order sync operations (ie No change, updated, created etc). Each step in the operation returns a validation result (with an error message on failure) but can also log warning and informational messages via TRACE calls (basically console messages).  All these messages will be captured by a SyncOperation object which the list is bound to.


I’m happy with the list view but not 100% on the detail view yet, I might revert back to bordered expanders like the other viewmodel stuff I’ve done. This was all done in Photoshop so it’ll mutate as I implement the WPF code.

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