Dark Dirchie – Dark Lord of the Dirchie

I present to you the first draft of Dark Dirchie (He was going to called Dirch Vader or Darth Dirchie but I’ve got no idea on the legalities of doing a parody so I figure I’d better air on the side of caution).

Dirch Vader Dirch Vader Front Dirch Vader Angle

He’s going to the number on Dirchie to beat, I’m going to pump up his AI’s elastic banding to the best racing line and boost his karts weight so he’ll be a formidable opponent.

Code wise I’ve added AI Dirchies to fill out the party in single player mode (optionally in multiplayer), this streamlines the game design to only the party mode which narrows the goal posts for me completing the game, but puts more emphasis on me getting the AI “right” to make a compelling single player experience.

I also woke up with a “eureka” moment, as I realised how to solve a bug I introduced into the collision system with my garbage collection optimisation.

We’re getting there.

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