Mad Dirchie Splash

While I’m waiting for my machines to catch up I thought I’d blog this little doodle from the other night, each character/head type has 3 main art assets, the model and texture as well as a 2D splash.

I’ve been keen to get back into some pencil artwork to get off the computer for a bit so the splashes are going to be like the following, a slightly rough pencil sketch scanned into photoshop for shading and then a splash of colour.

Dirchie SplashThis is what it looks like in Photoshop, you can’t really see it but there’s a slight blue tint to the face, that is to mask the face off from being coloured.

I’ve got a custom pixel shader that tints any part of the picture that is pure gray scale with the Dirchies selected colour.

ColourMaskedDirchieThis is what it looks like in game, I think it has a certain charm to it.

If anyone has any ideas for characters I’m all ears, I’m currently working on a Dirch Vader and Afro Dirchie, I’ll need at least 8 all up.

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