Hello New OS Independent World

Photo on 2009-09-05 at 08.10 This is a test blog from Windows 7 x64 in VMWare Fusion session from within OSX 10.6 on my new MacBook Pro.

Everything is rocking, Dirchie Kart rocks, Windows7 rocks, OSX rocks and they’re rocking together at the same time with Fusion!

It’s all great apart from the following little fact I discovered yesterday… on the Cisco site.

Q. Does Cisco provide a VPN Client for Windows Vista?

A. Cisco VPN Client Version 5 is available for 32-bit Windows Vista. There are no current plans to provide 64-bit support for the Cisco VPN Client but 64-bit support is available for the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client. This client and release notes can be obtained from the

Software Center (registered customers only) .

Note: Cisco VPN Client is only supported on Windows Vista clean install. It means that an upgrade of Windows of any OS to Windows Vista is not supported with the VPN Client Software of this Vista. You must freshly install the Windows Vista and try to install the Vista VPN Client software.

Basically unless our VPN at work gets some re-configuration I’m stuck with 32 bit XP, I did get the VPN working with Vista but it was VERY flakey.

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