Rim It For Real

Here’s some in game shots of the complete Rim It track, I’m pretty happy with it seeing it’s my first attempt, best of all it has set a strong visual style for the rest of the tracks. It’s quite fun to play, fast and furious, chaotic slidey action.

Dirchie-Kart-Rim-It-1 Dirchie-Kart-Rim-It-2 Dirchie-Kart-Rim-It-3 Dirchie-Kart-Rim-It-4

Unfortunately the AI can’t quite handle the slippery track, they still finish but aren’t very competitive, I might have to add a fiction coefficient element to their algorithm so they rubber band to the best line a little more.

I’m going to try a make a track a week, might be a tough schedule to keep but I’ll give it a crack.

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