We Have Intelligence…. Finally

Dirchie-Kart-With-AIWithout realising it I spent most of the weekend working on Dirchie Kart, Thursday and Friday afternoons were short but fruitful code sessions on my new “Ghost racer based best racing line state machine AI”.

Yesterday was spent tuning the AI into the game and today was mostly garbage collection optimisations on the XBox 360 version, seems when I fixed my memory leak problem I created a garbage collection one instead.

The new opponents are surprisingly robust and challenging… probably too challenging for anyone new to the game (Something I’ll have to work on). They can’t use weapons yet, that’s another kettle of fish I’ll deal with later, for now I’m going nut out some more game-play by blowing the crap out these poor defenseless versions.

I’ve got some fire back in my belly for this project, it was lacking for a while there… stay tuned for some alpha test code soon.

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