WPF Nav App With Added ZOOM

Here are the results of today’s work:

  • added some zoom controls on the list and detail views.
  • added scroll viewers for the zoomable parts so they behave nicely at the extremes and don’t zoom the clickable controls.
  • Standardized the detail views to 300px so the edit wrap panel looks good and the read only view can scale properly.
  • general cleaned up and lined up of all the elements and borders.

So now it looks like:

SearchSmall SearchLarge

EditSmall EditLarge

Much better, I’ve still got a ways to go on it, one standard feature I know the users are going to ask for is sorting by the grid header (the main reason the current client is still in Delphi 7)… not so easy to implement, I’m thinking some sort of encoded ButtonBase.Click event that passes a parameter through to the ViewModel and some Linq might be the go.

I’ll keep plugging away.

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