Dirchie Kart Claims Life

It would seem that the Xbox 360 is not machine enough to handle the technical excellence that is Dirchie Kart!

Yes I got the dreaded red ring of death half way through testing the new optimised collision code in Dirchie Kart, the poxbox is caput.

Wish me luck trying to get it fixed over here, would probably have more luck myself with a soldering iron and six pack of beers… 🙁

2 thoughts on “Dirchie Kart Claims Life

  1. Matt Hamilton Reply

    Aw, man. Do you think it was a case of the Dirchies, or was it just your 360’s time?

    Good luck anyway. My experience getting the 360 fixed was awesome, but being so far away … I dunno.

  2. Euan Reply

    Well… if they wont do it from over there. Send it back to me and I will send it off from Aus if you want.

    May take 2 months though. Mine only look 8 days!

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