WPF Mini Order View

Spent most of today refining the load builder WPF interface, after returning to the UI after few weeks, I realise I was drunk on the power of round corners and transparency at the time.

I struggled yesterday to come up with a better way to display the condensed order view, no such problem today. It all just fell together, I came up with a neat little trick to fudge a drop shadow with a single line border above or below set to black with 50% alpha.

I’m pretty happy with this part now, next I’ve got to do the same trick on the truck loads these orders go into.

WPF Mini Order View

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2 thoughts on “WPF Mini Order View

  1. Matt Hamilton Reply

    Looks good, Poo. Nice use of colour. Such a shame that WPF’s font rendering is so crap.

    Do you think it’s worth blurring out the addresses in those screenshots?

  2. Poo Reply

    I actaully like the smooth fonts in WPF, there’s a few weird differences between XP and Vista but it general the anti-aliasing is awesome.

    Those few artifacts were put in by Live Writer…

    Wow one correct address, because of SAGE’s inability to serve up proper address fields most of them are incomplete, didn’t think it’d be an issue.

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