Super Mario Galaxy

SuperMarioGalaxy Back at work today, none too productive seeing we only got back home from South Africa at 1am.

Spent most of the day cleaning out my inbox and generally catching up on what’s been going on.

The best thing I did all day was grab a copy of Super Mario Galaxy from Target on the way home, it even turned out to be on special, definitely $82 well spent it’s a blast.

I’ve nabbed the first 10 of 120 stars so far and have had a ball, they’ve taken the 3D platformer to the next level, it uses all three dimensions, twisting and turning gravity on it’s head… the amazing thing is that it’s not a pain the azz to control while all this is happening.

It’s all broken up into delicious bit sized chunks also, you ping around between planets like an ADD humming bird, some stars involving half a dozen or more jumps (with mini goals at each stop) to reach the final goal.

Absolutely brilliant so far!

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  1. Euan Reply

    I am hoping to get it soon. I think I will wait to see if I get it for Christmas. If not? It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

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