Buster Textured

Managed to get Buster here texture mapped over the last couple of nights, last night I spent unwrapping his UV co-ordinates and tonight I photoshopped up the actual texture.

I’m happy with how he turned out, he’s far too detailed for how big he’ll be on the screen… but it was fun. I plan to have the top part of his head chomp down and his winder turn as he jiggers around the levels, shouldn’t be hard in code as they are all separate elements within the model.

The robotic versions of classic computer game characters idea for the enemies looks like it has some great potential, stay tuned for Buster staring in some in-game screen shots!

1 thought on “Buster Textured

  1. Ginna Reply

    Cool! This guy was cutesy before, but now he’s looking pretty evil! Love your work Pete!

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