Untextured Buster

After spending last night extending my base collection class to allow any collection of objects to be rendered as 3D objects in my game engine, I’ve been thinking of ideas for 3D enemies all day.

Tonights effort has rendered the little fella to the left, he’s untextured as of yet but I’m happy with the result.

If you didn’t already recognise, he’s a slightly meaner version of the “Bubble Buster” bad guy from the arcade classic “Bubble Bobble” (the original is the little animated guy to the right), i was thinking of doing a robot version of Bub or Bob but eventually thought this guy was more fun.

I should get him textured later in the week, then I’m onto building a big kick ass shock shell firing canon!

1 thought on “Untextured Buster

  1. Andrew Reply

    Geez man, I so don’t know how you can pump out something so cool in one night.

    That really is brilliant.

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