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Max’s First Circus

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Brian Boswells Circus

Last weekend we took Max and Oupa to the Brian Boswell Circus here in Pretoria.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the circus, the last one I saw was pretty piss weak, can’t remember what it was called but it was in Corowa. So I didn’t hold much hope that this one was going to be much chop, and the first carnie we saw had one dead eye and no front teeth (why they had him running the kiddy’s ride I don’t know), but I was pleasantly surprised with the show.

They opened with a tiger show that was pretty crap, but the rest of it ticked all the usual circus boxes for me. Sure the performing poodles were a little disobedient and there wasn’t any midgets other than midget ponies, but the juggling and acrobatics were pretty decent and the triple stack tightrope walk was impressive.

All in all a pretty good circus experience, apart from the clowns freaking him out a bit Max loved the whole thing.

Max’s 2nd Birthday Party

5:37 pm Filed under: Family

His actual party was on Saturday at Zita park in Garsfontein. After an initial struggle to find a venue, it turned out really well appointed. There was plenty of grass to kick the ball on, and everyone enjoyed the play ground equipment.

Ouma backed up last years cake effort (Mario) with another awesome cake. This time it was Brewster from Chuggingtons, Max loved it and Kean managed to get an early finger in it.

 Brewster (Chuggingtons) Kids and the cake WP and Kean going for a slide Franca, Eloise, Max and Pete Kyle and Zali The girls Luke showing Max how the big chopper works Oupa tickling Max on the witches hat Eloise and Kean

Max’s 2nd Birthday Evening

5:34 pm Filed under: Family

That night ouma and oupa dropped in and Max was spoiled with even more gifts.

Loin... raaaaw Chopper flight Fun on the new slide Checking things out on top Family shot Serious Max All smiles

Max’s 2nd Birthday

5:40 pm Filed under: Family

Max’s birthday ran over a couple of days. It started Thursday morning with pressies from us (including a cool wooden train set). Max loved playing with it on ouma’s stoep in the sun.

More Pressies New train set Playing with the new trains Train Suprise Mum bub and train set Fahsha Ouma Bub and train set

Water Head Umbrella

5:02 am Filed under: Family

You know how sometimes when you pour water over someone’s head you get this perfect umbrella of water separating out around the head, well here’s our attempt to capture that (somewhat unsuccessfully) in photographic form.

IMG_0845 IMG_0847 IMG_0834 IMG_0836 IMG_0841 IMG_0844

Poor little Maxy boy, it’s a good thing he doesn’t mind having water poured over his head!

Max Ready for Nursery School

1:49 am Filed under: Family

Max ready for day care

Nabbed this shot from my snazzy new iPhone the other day, I realised he’s been going to this nursery school for over a year and I’ve not got any photos of it.

This is him standing at the front gate, I cut out the ugly coils of razor barb at the top and managed to get in some JJ Abrams lens flare by mistake!

Pumpkin soap for my patient

2:07 am Filed under: General


Brought Zett home today after the successful removal of an acoustic nuroma in her right ear on friday.
The doctor says that she is recovering better than most, though I suspect a large part of that is Zett putting on brave face to get out of hospital. I can’t blame her though, hospitals are shitty places.
There’ll be no more brave faces though, she’s in my care now and there’s no way I’m letting her do anything for the next 4 weeks.

Blood Moon

8:04 pm Filed under: General

Blood Moon

Last night we had a lunar eclipse, my trusty 300mm lens captured it surprisingly well.

Last Year’s Kilimanjaro Trip

9:12 pm Filed under: General


Finally got our Kili journal transcribed with some pictures up on the blog.

I also found a couple of Swahili words we learned and their meaning. 

Hakuna-ma-ta-ta: No worries mate, cobba, bloke!

Jambo: G’day mate.

Mambo: How are you?

Poa: Good thanks.

Max’s Jungle Gym

6:57 pm Filed under: Family


Dad got Max a little jungle gym for Christmas. He absolutely loves it! This was a little while ago but Kean and Max playing around with it was too cute.

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