Do you use multiple fuel containers at home? If you’re like me you have some straight fuel for the mower, boat and motor bikes, as well as a small container of 50 to 1 for the chainsaw and whipper snipper, another small container of 40 to 1 for the Chinese leaf blower and a larger container of 60 to 1 for your enduro motor bike.

Stale fuel is the number one issue that causes these small motors to run poorly, and it’s really easy to avoid with a little bit of management.

  • Don’t mix too much – there is no point mixing 10 litres of 2 stroke for a whipper snipper that uses 50ml each use… you will never use the fuel before it goes stale.
  • Record the last time you mixed the fuel – so you know when to throw it out (or reuse to clean parts).
  • Get the right mix – mixing small batches can make the calculation a little difficult so use a premix calculator.

This is why I wrote the 2 stroke mix app, it handles all of these for multiple containers easily.

2 Stroke Mix App
Manage multiple fuel containers and calculate you premix amounts is an Apple iOS and WatchOS app for helping you mix and maintain your 4 and 2 stroke fuel for your equipment (Motorbike, boat, motorbike, gardening equipment etc).

It’s built using Swift and Swift UI, includes iCloud sync and in-app purchases.