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Kilimanjaro – Day 1 (2975m)

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After a slow start this morning (nothing bad just typical “Africa time”) we eventually got to the trail head and started walking at about noon. Our bus driver was a classic, he looked like snoop dog.

Oh yeah we were held up a bit when the bus’s shock absorber half fell off, which they “fixed” by tying it up with a bit of rope and putted along at walking pace the rest of the way. At least we didn’t have to walk with all the gear any further than necessary.

Snoop dog and his bus A prime example of afri-stacking while we were waiting around  A local girl checking us out while we were fixing the bus The bus, she's broke Sleeping in caves has been prohibited, please us tents  Loading the food Big crazy skunk monkey The whole crew, ready to climb Umbwe Route Starting Point The first few steps up Kilimanjaro

We started out at around 1800m above sea level on a reasonable jeep track, which eventually got pretty steep and tricky (I would have loved to have the KTM there). After an hour or so we stopped to show our lunch packs, after which we started on the “real” trail. Which I guess you would say was a 5 hour dirt, moss and root staircase through the jungle.

Kilimanjaro Porters Lunch pack Umbwe Route Umbwe Route Kilimanjaro Fire Trumpets Umbwe Route Umbwe Route IMG_8104 Umbwe Route Umbwe Route  Umbwe Route Camp End Of Day One

I really enjoyed the twisting switch-back natural staircases and the setting was spectacular, a bit like Magoebaskloof actually, old decaying trees covered with stringy moss as far as the eye could see in all directions.

Eloise had a pretty tough first day but seemed to spring back at dinner, I hope she finds a good rhythm and enjoys tomorrow more.

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