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Max Ready for Nursery School

1:49 am Filed under: Family

Max ready for day care

Nabbed this shot from my snazzy new iPhone the other day, I realised he’s been going to this nursery school for over a year and I’ve not got any photos of it.

This is him standing at the front gate, I cut out the ugly coils of razor barb at the top and managed to get in some JJ Abrams lens flare by mistake!

Pumpkin soap for my patient

2:07 am Filed under: General


Brought Zett home today after the successful removal of an acoustic nuroma in her right ear on friday.
The doctor says that she is recovering better than most, though I suspect a large part of that is Zett putting on brave face to get out of hospital. I can’t blame her though, hospitals are shitty places.
There’ll be no more brave faces though, she’s in my care now and there’s no way I’m letting her do anything for the next 4 weeks.

Blood Moon

8:04 pm Filed under: General

Blood Moon

Last night we had a lunar eclipse, my trusty 300mm lens captured it surprisingly well.

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