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Last Year’s Kilimanjaro Trip

9:12 pm Filed under: General


Finally got our Kili journal transcribed with some pictures up on the blog.

I also found a couple of Swahili words we learned and their meaning. 

Hakuna-ma-ta-ta: No worries mate, cobba, bloke!

Jambo: G’day mate.

Mambo: How are you?

Poa: Good thanks.

Max’s Jungle Gym

6:57 pm Filed under: Family


Dad got Max a little jungle gym for Christmas. He absolutely loves it! This was a little while ago but Kean and Max playing around with it was too cute.


5:58 pm Filed under: General

This weekend’s move went pretty well, sure we had to pull the massive couch up 3 stories on the outside with ropes because it wouldn’t fit through the door and the slate/concrete/hardwood cabinet almost killed us getting up the stairs… but all in all it wasn’t too bad.

I must admit she is a little full though, I didn’t think we had much stuff. But when we moved into the house we didn’t have a baby… now I’m starting to think our house in Corowa might not be big enough for long.

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