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Sunday Fun

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We had a really nice fun day today, early morning fry up, then I re-screwed down the back deck ready for Thomas to start painting tomorrow. Meanwhile Zett and Max broke out the paints for some finger painting.

After Max’s nap we headed to Irene mall for a late lunch and to get Max some Duplo wheels. They’ve got a large wet area in between the main restaurants with a series of water squirters where the kids all go crazy. We’d packed some spare clothes for Max so he could get into it, he was pretty tentative but eventually got into it.

IMG_9986 IMG_9996 IMG_9998 IMG_0031 IMG_0037 IMG_0041 IMG_0052

All in all it was an awesome little Sunday.

There’s some more blog catch-up to got, here’s the first of a series on Kilimanjaro.

New years 2010

5:06 am Filed under: Family

Just being at Glen Gariff makes for a great day, and we had an awesome one. WP got out of bed fired up! He had 2 beers before breakfast. He was in party mode early on and inspired the rest of us.

That night we ended up playing a card game called Kings with the neighbors. Watched the fire works. Strolled down to the beach, upon which time WP crash dived in front of some of our fellow drinkers causing them to fall over (repeatedly). I thought it was very funny. We crashed someone else’s beach party and enjoyed their little fire for a bit. We ended up in the local hotel where they hosted a new years party and had a DJ. I can’t believe they let us in, but we had a good little boogy to end the day off.


This Blog Needs An Enema!

6:28 am Filed under: General

stainless_steel_enema_kitShe’s backed up with heaps of trips from last year, so Zett and I have bitten the bullet and got our arses into gear, get ready for the PURGE!

We’ve back dated most of them so non RSS readers will miss them if we don’t put a new post pointer to the new old stuff (I presume the RSS feed will pick up new old posts… not sure).

We’ll start it off with the last two posts from our big Botswana trip from last year…. Victoria Falls and the awesome elephant spot at Elephant Sands.


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