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Worlds Strongest Baby

2:30 am Filed under: Family

Baby lat raises Baby push ups

Kean is one big strong baby, he’s way different when you pick him up how Max was at the same age, so chunky.  He has started learning to crawl, one of positions he ends up in while trying is a fully extended pushup!

Dirchie Kart Up On XBox Live

4:44 pm Filed under: General

xboxboxart Some time in the wee hours of this morning Dirchie Kart received the last few community votes it needed to pass peer review and went live on the XBox Live Indie Game Marketplace.

This milestone is not signifies the completion the project and a lot of hard work, but also ticks off another personal goal.

Back when I finished Rhys Quest/Dispell I set myself the goal of getting a game published up on the XBox, at the time XNA was only a rumour so I had no idea how I might achieve that goal. Fortunately for me the tools available to me and our direction at work coincided with Microsoft’s direction with XNA and it all came together.

The big question now is where to go from here?

The Pusher-man

2:22 am Filed under: Family

IMG_9710 IMG_9723 IMG_9655

Max has like most kids (I think), a thing for pushing around trolleys and karts, anything with wheels really. He got a plastic lawn mower to practice with for Xmas, it was funny to see him wobbling around in the wind out on the stoop.

He later on found something even more fun to push around, his cuz in the walking ring.

Kean’s Funny Faces

2:19 am Filed under: Family

IMG_9616 IMG_9626 IMG_9606

Kean is a very contented man-child, happy play away on his mat most of the time letting out the occasional yelp, just to let you know he’s still there… he also pulls some funny faces.

Fun on the beach at Glengariff

2:14 am Filed under: Family, Travel

We actually had quite a few days of bad weather while we were at the coast, so when we had a good day we had to make the most of it.  The water was bloody freezing, but somehow you got used to it and it didn’t seem that bad.

Max's first sand castle Kean at the beach Playing in the waves Max is big on gangster fist punch shakes and thumbs up Walks on the beach Castle destruction The big fella eating sand

Max enjoyed walking in the little waves and playing in the sand, Kean seemed to enjoy eating it!

Max helping with the Xmas hats

6:25 am Filed under: Family

Max helping with the xmas hats

Xmas Hats

6:20 am Filed under: Family

I was disappointed when i found out that we had no bon-bons for Christmas, it’s just not Christmas without the bad jokes and ill fitting hats… so I took it upon myself to make some. 

I was lucky to find the left over balloons from the Drichie Kart promo video in the car so I put them to good use.

Captain Ballon SwordChristmas Dinner Marge with possible the best one, the giraffe My palm tree Kean's safety hemet Celeste Modeling the palm tree

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010

6:02 am Filed under: Family

Yeah sure it’s a little late, but we had a great break down the coast and were offline the whole time. We didn’t really get up to a lot, most days consisted of:

  1. Everyone eventually getting up, depending on what the babies where up to sleep wise.
  2. Chilling out with a late breakfast.
  3. Stooge around till mid afternoon, hit the beach if it was a nice , after which we’d all crack a drink.
  4. Afternoon nibbles of some sort.
  5. All chip in with prepping a nice dinner.
  6. Chow down.
  7. A few drinks over a game of poker or 30 seconds and hit the sack.

Pretty hard to take really!

We were fortunate to have both Neels and Marge down the coast with us for Christmas day, the boys got spoilt rotten and the rest of us ate, drank and were merry.

IMG_9694 IMG_9679 IMG_9682 IMG_9733

We all had a great day.

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