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Max Standing and Walking

6:02 am Filed under: Family

Max standingMuch like with crawling, Max has been a little reluctant to take up walking, it’s not that he can’t do it, he just chooses not to.  Here he is showing off how he can stand on his own.

Aus Tour 2010

6:27 am Filed under: Family, Fun

Finally getting around to a blog post after a crazy busy couple of months, the trip home was intense, the work part went well but pretty close to the wire.  We managed catch up with a lot of people while we were there, but as usual we couldn’t catch everyone.

We did too much to go into too much detail so I’ll just do a quick photo log.

Mo Mullet FuryI arrived sporting an awesome mullet that Marge had crafted for me, it certainly had the desired effect with my family particulary Jill and my Dad not knowing which way to look.

It even managed to silence the James’ kids when I first saw them… which is no mean feat!

Max's Hot RodMax riding on the Hot rod that Nana and Pa gave him.

Max and HenryMax hanging out with cousin Henry.

Max with James'Max with more cousins, the James’. We saw a a fair bit of these guys, it was really nice to properly catch up as they have spent a year in the UK in the time we’ve been here in SA.

Bugwood WeddingThe Bug-wood wedding.

Moto1Tooling around with the boys on a Moto weekend.

Leesa and Glen's WeddingLeesa and Glen’s wedding.

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