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Max’s Christening

8:35 pm Filed under: Family

Last Sunday Max got christened in a church… unfortunately for me the whole thing was in Afrikaans so I have no idea what was going on, hopefully Zett can elaborate at a later date.

IMG_6195 IMG_6200 IMG_6202

Afterwards we had some of the family back to our place for a couple of celebratory beers and cakes.

Mongoose Massive Parys 24 hour MTB Race

5:54 am Filed under: Fun

The massive afte the race under the fake Eiffel tower

About 3 weeks ago the Mongoose Massive embarked on their first 24 hour mountain bike race, the venue was the Parys showgrounds which was dotted with these awesome fake Paris monuments. The fake Arch de Triomphe was the start/finish line, there was also an obelisk and we camped under the fake “Tower de Eifel”.

Overall it was a very successful race, we placed 10th overall and  5th in our open teams category (up to 7 riders). I’m proud that we were the first of the “weekend warrior” (read: non sponsored or bike shop) teams in our category also.

Unfortunately the track itself was “gay as”, basically a completely non technical flat double track around some paddocks which gave the marathon and “roadies” a leg in. Mind you the later part of the track was a huge spirit sucking mud pit, which took it’s toll on the legs and drive-train, after the 50 odd laps we completed we were definitely spent.

Overall it was great effort by everyone, we were all lapping within 24-30 minutes a lap (Henry came within a few seconds but just couldn’t break into the 23s) the whole race, with no real serious blow–outs or mechanicals (Bar a small double pinch flat issue on the first lap…Hein).

Bring on the next one!

Kriek finishing another lap Me copping a face full of mud More fake Paris monuments in Parys, the arc de triomphe was the start finish line Thomas putting away another one Zett at the late night changeover Hein kicking off the Le mans start Henry - man of the match Kiwi helping Hein repair his double pinch flat from the first lap Kiwi with his support buddy Elouise

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