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Magoebaskloof Overnight Hike

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In preparation for our Kili trip at the end of August, we did a two day hike a couple of weeks ago in Magoebaskloof. It is a fairly well renowned hike spot about four hour north of Pretoria.

The following photos are a quick log of our trip, it was a stunning place, as Zett described it “the kind of place fairies live”. Which is strangely fitting, we are a fair way latitudely north but at 1600 metres high so it’s kind of like a rain forest but more high country. Whatever the reason the end result is a stunning place to spend a couple of days.

The Starting point Creek by the first hut Zetty Wild Berries Mini Ferns Crab spider things Lunch by the creek Magoebaskloof Sweating it up while Max sleeps Mum and Max The iron fist of Max Angry Max Negotiating another slippery creek crossing five minute break Totally natural action shot Lunch in the bush Max getting a free ride Debengeni Waterfall

As always Max was a star, didn’t make a peep (other than motivational babbling and slapping for the pack horse.. ME) for the 5 hours a day for 2 days in the “Max Pack”. Must admit the trail wasn’t the flattest I’ve ever hiked, couple that with 10.5kg of Max’s tightly packed atoms and all his food my shoulders and quads certainly knew they had been working.

The huts we stayed at each night were quite comfy, the first night we had the place to ourselves and no power but the second night we shared the hut with some interesting young people, a couple of the fellas had just returned from a trip to South America so we had plenty of stories to swap over a few rewarding glasses of red.

Welcome Henry Leahy & Kean Meyer

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Last week was a big week on the uncle front with the safe arrival of both Henry and Kean, unfortunately we have to wait all the way till September to see little Henry (which sucks balls). Last Thursday we shot over to V-Town for a quick look at Kean and then cooked Celeste a nice big roast at their house the day after they returned home (Sunday).

IMG_0539 IMG_0540 IMG_5978 IMG_5979 Kean and Max

Night Ride at the Kloof

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Night Riders

A few weeks ago the Mogoose massive embarked on a night time mission around the Kloof (Groenkloof – our regular weekend ride).

On a regular day they kick everyone out at 6pm and lock the gates, so to do a night ride you have to stay in the overnight hut, and as we only found out as we headed out for our ride… you’re supposed to tell the operators so they can organise you some security.

Apparently they have a big problem with armed poachers sneaking around the reserve at night.  Somehow we convinced the guy that we’d be alright and he let us go out anyway.  Which was most fortunate as we had a blast, it was the same old trail we ride most weeks but the game are out in full force, we were chasing Zebra, Wilde Beast and Jackal down the trails.

For me it was one of those “that’s right we do live in Africa!” moments, awesome fun.

They Call It Puppy Love

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A few weeks ago we had a lovely lunch over at PV and Michelle’s to celebrate PV’s birthday. Their dogs had recently had a big litter of pups which Max was fascinated by, lucky for him they are super good natured because Max “the iron fist” Leahy, gave them all a good working over!

Max with puppies - 1 Max with puppies - 2 Max with puppies - 3 Max with puppies - 4

I’m convinced he gets this violent streak from his mother.

Kilimanjaro Training

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A few weeks ago we started so hike training in preparation for our trip to Kilimanjaro in August, Kiwi and Eloise were breaking in their brand new boots.

It was a surprisingly tough hike, 10km around Groenkloof (our regular weekend ride) had a bit more elevation than we thought.

Max sleeping in the Maxpack Should have combed my hair Kiwi and Eloise showing off their new hike boots

Lucky for us Max seems to love the “Maxpack”, gladly hanging out in it for the 4-5 hours it took us to get around.

Nice way to spend a “lazy” Sunday.

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