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Buffalo River Kayak Adventure

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Last weekend the boys and I headed bush for a weekend of camping and kayaking, Rick and the Chimp both own their own yaks so the rest of us had to hire some form Albury and drag them across.

First obstical   Solid Lunge Action Solo-man Kayak-stig Solo-stink  Chimp out

We started from the base of the lake Buffalo damn wall, riding the yaks down the road embankment then throwing them off a cliff and climbing down. Not all of them made it to the water… don’t know why they developed leaks?

After the very first rapid smashing everyone giving me a nice poke in the ribs (that is still bruised) I was a little concerned about what we’d gotten ourselves into.  I also started to doubt the integrity of my vessel with it’s freshly caved in nose and it’s “Toyz” branding which I had only just noticed.

Mini chimp teabagging my leg Savaged by meat ants Tight f'n cheeks

It turned out that the first one was one of the worst, with only a couple toward the end proving a little tricky, particularly the “Mowl hole” (so named from Mowli’s near death experience on our last outing) spitting out everyone but the Chimp and Lamby into an aquatic yard sale.

Best off has to go to Moorey with his involuntary underwater back flip, where after getting his boat jammed between two rocks he ended up sitting sideways on his submerged boat, skylarking and laughing until something shifted beneath him rolling his backward, the water then grabbed him and stuffed him down between the rocks and under his boat… he wasn’t laughing when he finally emerged several meters down stream.

Fortunately old mate boat hire wasn’t home when we dropped them off, a couple of them had their noses remodeled. Over the phone he asked us if we had fun on the lake… yeah lake, the “lake” was good.

Another awesome weekend, can’t wait to see some of the chimps on water footage!

Pre-trip Drakensberg Hiking

3:55 pm Filed under: Family, Travel

The weekend before I flew back to Australia I took the Friday off and organised a chalet in the “Giants Castle Reserve” for Zett, Max and myself to spend a little quality time.

We also took the chance to kick off a bit of hike training for our Killi assent later in the year. Lucky for us Max seems to really like hanging around in the hike pack.

I realise just how heavy Max is now Max crashed out after a while Max enjoying the great outdoors Random locals taken from the car on our way home San (bushman) paintings The view from our chalet Zett

Aliens Invade

9:14 pm Filed under: Family

Yesterday we finally got around to putting up Max’s room decorations we painted last year. Wish I had something as cool as that on the walls when I was 0.5 years old!

Space Invaders

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