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Max’s First Teeth

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Max turned the 0.5 a couple of days ago, yesterday morning I noticed a tiny pimple like hard bit on his bottom gum.  By this morning you could definitely feel that it was the front two bottom teeth starting to come through.

If you look really close (I’ve attached these at full res so you can get in close) you can just see the two little chompers coming through.

IMG_5210 IMG_5211 IMG_5222 IMG_5225 IMG_5231 IMG_5238

Christmas 2009

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For Christmas this year we had all of Zett’s family together, Neels, Marge, Celeste, WP, Max, Zett & myself had a lovely luncheon here at our place.

Home made xmas tree Max eating paper Max hanging with Oupa  Max's first solids Superman Kamono

Max is a little young to get right into the presents thing, preferring to suck on the colourful paper instead. He did smash down his first bowl of solid food like an old pro during our lunch. Later in the arvo we hit the pool, briefly because the pool is so damn cold still, Max got to try out his new boat and Zett tested out her new inflatable chair in preparation for her new role as homemaker.

Max's first smin in the pool Zett warming up to her new role

All in all a nice and chilled Christmas.

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