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Rivalea (QAF) South Africa Division Xmas Party

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Everyone else is having work Christmas parties left right and centre and with Max around at his Oumas, I figured it was time for the official Rivalea South Africa division office Christmas party!


Maxilude – Tummy Time in the Yungle Yim

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Here’s some shot of Max hanging out with me and Zetty in the study this morning, he’s not that comfy on his belly yet but he’s getting better at it. Definitely a lot better at checking things out, we’re a little ways of crawling yet.

IMG_4699 IMG_4692 IMG_4694

Farm Inn

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Back in Pretoria we decided to pop into Farm Inn (a local game farm/breeding facility), seeing Evan and Tan once again missed out on lions in the Kruger. They specialise in white lions and cheetahs, but has some other general game too.

Max got to play with his first baby white lion.

IMG_3791 IMG_3787IMG_3794IMG_3834 IMG_3823  IMG_3725 IMG_3758 IMG_3776

We didn’t get to pat the Cheetahs this time (unlike when Lamby and Sambo where here), they seem to be a little more commercial breeding oriented these days. It’s still always a nice little afternoon out.

Central Drakensberg

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After Coffee Bay we continued north towards Durban. We were heading to Margate. I went there 4 years in a row for the South African equivalent of Schoolies week and this stopover was intended as a trip down memory lane. We arrived at Margate around 5 pm. My memories of the place were absolutely shattered. What once was a simple car park for friendly beach goers turned into a taxi rank with hordes of people, rubbish and rubble. Although the view was still nice, a sense of security was a little lacking.

We high tailed out of there first thing in the morning and stopped in at Giba Gorge for a nice MTB ride. From there we headed to the Central Drakensberg. We set off on a “quick” hike, but got tempted to see the next waterfall. What was meant to be a quick stroll turned out to be a 4 hour hike with no supplies, a little baby, and a pregnant chick (who likes eating at regular intervals). We got rained on, had no carry pouch for Max, but still had fun. It is an awesome area.

IMG_3652 IMG_3657 IMG_3668 IMG_3677 IMG_3688IMG_3663 IMG_3690

Can I just add that after being together for 10 years and married for 3, this is Zett’s first post on BrownBot… lets hope there’s more to come.

Maxilude – Yolly Yumping

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IMG_4650 IMG_4662 IMG_4666 IMG_4670
Mum bought Max a Yolly Yumper (Jolly Jumper) for xmas, as you can see he loves it. Yesterday I setup a couple of hooks in the roof so he can Yolly Yump in the kitchen/dining room and in the lounge. He’s already mastered basic orientation, can’t wait to see what he does next.

Coffee Bay (Transkei)

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From Glen Gareth we started our trip up the east coast through the Transkei/Wild Coast area, which was a homeland area during apartheid. Which basically means it was left for those that live there to do with as they wished, hence it is a really under developed area of South Africa, with lots of original clay rondawels (round huts) spread all across the country side.

We stayed right smack in the middle on the coast at the Coffee Shack backpackers in Coffee Bay. It’s getting late and the pictures tell the story anyhow, so hover over the pics for a brief explanation of each.

Hanging around drinking coffee at the coffee shack These ladies were hawking their bead work every time we went by This is the inside roof of the hut we stayed in. The hole in the wall, is a tourist attraction a little up the coast with a nice little hike around it The hole in the wall from a different angle Zett on the top of this REALLY windy hill It was a crappy day so we went cruising in the Hilux Max showing off at the back packers, which was part owned by a woman from Albury

The next to bunches of photos were all taken out of the car window on our way up the coast, things are a little different out these parts. These are a few shops we passed.

Chicken anyone? hair salon tent Good days fashion store Las Vegas Tavern Local Surgery Eat Some Meat Butchers Just general chaos

Mum was fascinated by the women carrying stuff on their heads, they make it look so easy.

IMG_3619 IMG_3559 IMG_3580 IMG_3612 IMG_3617

I really enjoyed the wild coast, it’s another totally different part of South Africa.

Glen Gareth (East London)

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The first day of our holiday proper Mum, Evs and I caught the red eye and drove the Hilux from Pretoria to East London. Mum wanted to see the interior of the country, pitty there’s not much to see… once you’ve seen one Mielie (corn) field you’ve seen them all.

Even though we had a tyre blow out on the way down which cost us a couple of hours, we still managed to meet up with Tan, Zett and Max at the airport without them having to wait too long. Then it was into some serious hard-core relaxing at WP & Celeste’s beach front apartment.

This is the view from the doorstep.

After a day of chilling out and a failed attempt to surf on the paddlepop stick sized boards in the shed, I headed into town determined to find some long boards for hire, and LONG boards I found!

“Big red” served me well, making even the crappiest wave surfable.

IMG_3344 IMG_4229 IMG_3240 IMG_3360

At some point Evs hatched a plan to hike up to the top of a nearby sand dune/hill, he’d received some local knowledge on a secret path to the top and dragged us along to find it.

IMG_3392 IMG_3391

I’m not sure what shit that local had been smoking but the path we found didn’t remain a path for long, poor Max in his towel papoose had quite an adventure scaling the sand and tunnels through the vegetation.

It was another awesome stay at the flat, can’t wait to get back there for some more surf action!

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