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IMG_4406 IMG_4408

It’s painfully obvious that most of you are only here for one reason, so to break up the hilarious holiday adventure antics… here are some shots of Max helping me work!

The Stink

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Here’s a couple of shots of the Stink enjoying his holiday, first is around the corner at “The Kloof” kick’in and diss’in with the animals on our mountain bikes.

The second is him enjoying the most luxurious seat in the Hilux (aka the dogs ride with all the luggage in the canopy), which he unselfishly volunteered for most of the the thousands of ks we did over the course of the holiday.

Damn Cold

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This is how damn cold it is here this morning!

Kruger National Park With Evs & Tan

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Monkey with it's little tits flapping in the windNot quite a week after we got back from Aus Evs and Tan arrived. Mum was scheduled to arrive a few days later at which point we were to head down to the coast so we had only a couple of days to do anything around Pretoria with them.

Zett did most of the holiday planning so there was no time for rest, when Evs and Tan arrived it was straight home for a quick shower then back into the car for a 5 hour drive over to the Kruger National park.

On our way to our planned entry gate we came across a bit of a scene… Civil unrest, riot, shitload of black fellas tearing the town apart… whatever you want to call it, it wasn’t cool and definitely wasn’t where we wanted to be so thought it best to use another gate and turned around.

This chewed up a bit of extra time, so once we entered we had to B-line it pretty much straight to our accommodation camp to make it in before the gates closed, we still managed a few nice spots, then not far from the gates we came across this amazing Leopard spot.

Leopard 1 Leopard 2

I’d never seen a wild Leopard during the day before, and here was 2 in the one tree within camera shot of the road, special.

After a quiet night (Evs and Tan flaked early as you can imagine) and a nice breakfast overlooking the riverbed we headed off for a nice slow trip out of the park spotting along the way. I can’t remember what sequence these were taken but these are a short list of the best shots.

Elephany head Elephant

I like the texture captured in these Elephant pics.


This was a bit of a fluke, this Vulture’s mate landed in the tree right near us and this fella followed him in, so I managed to snap him nice and close in action by hanging out the window.

Monkey Pumper

Promiscuous little monkey!

Giraffe drinkingHave you ever seen a Giraffe drinking… me either till I took these shots, they can only have there head below their heart for a minute or so or the blood pressure build up with make their brains explode!

So they get into position, get the head down to drink then whip it back up again before they die.

We saw heaps more stuff than this, you’ll have to come visit us to see for yourself.

Max’s First Visit To Australia

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To attempt to catch up on the past couple of months here’s the 5 minute version in pictures of our trip back to Aus. It no way does the trip justice, there was a lot more catching up and fun than the pictures indicate… I also managed to get a bit of work done in-between as well.

IMG_2705Max bonding with Nana and Pa. We camped at Mum and Dad’s while we were in Corowa, with Caz, Terry and the kids staying there as well so it was a full house.  It was great to catch up with the whole family.

DSC_0008Not sure where Zett got to in this one, but all of the “Leahy” girls got to hang out quite a bit.

IMG_2753It was the actual day of Will’s birthday when the Jones’s arrived, Caz had kept there arrival a secret up till lunchtime so Mum had time to prepare a little something for the arrival.

Gwynfor whipped up this cupcake birthday cake for the event.

IMG_2730Caz’s boys were pretty cooped up after 3 solid days driving down from Darwin, they went nuts once they got let out, chasing us around the lounge room.

IMG_2770One night we all headed down to the Corowa pool for this half arsed fishing competition, apparently there were 150+ trout in the pool.

The sides of the pool were lined with people with rods but we were there for around 3 hours and only saw about 5 fish caught. 

IMG_2778After the footy grand final we headed to the Mabster’s place for and little LAN action with Evs, lamby, Euan and the IT boys from work, it was only Xbox and some Catan this time which meant no wasting the afternoon mucking about with PCs.

We spent most of the night playing Andy’s rockband, like guitar hero you can’t help the stupid grin that comes over you while you furiously strum away at our plastic instrument.

IMG_2783Spending time with Caz’s boys I was fascinated with Ethan’s eating technique,  which mainly involved spreading his food in an ever increasing circle.

Zett loved the way he works his way through a room slapping people.

IMG_1007Wilber and Max.

IMG_1057Xavier trying to reprogram the Jameseres’s computer.

IMG_2798One of the many dinners around at Jill’s with all the family together. 

IMG_2808It’s been a while since we had a family portrait, I think this is the pick of the bunch.

DSC_0124Here’s the first pic of all the current grandchildren together (there’s already another on the way), apparently it was quite a mission to get them all smiling.

DSC_0158Of all the cousins it was Aislyn really took to Max, she would come around to Nana’s just to look after him, she did a great job.

IMG_2839Of all our friends kids Max and Zoe are the closest, with only a few weeks separating them. It’s amazing to think how out of date this picture is already!

IMG_4191On our way out we spent a lovely weekend with Sam, Lamby (and the unborn at that point Ali-bean) down at Nat and Trudes place in Mount Martha, we also briefly caught the Bug-Woods, Gambles and everyone else.

Can you believe most of us are “responsible” parents now!

Open Your Mind

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A quick one to get the blog going again… got a lot to catch up on, it’s been a busy few months.  Had Max in the Bumbo hooked up to the iTunes visualiser he really seemed to like it… well I assume that from the stream of bubble foaming out of his mouth.

IMG_4252 IMG_4253

They either indicate he was excited or that his brain was boiling due to the visual intensity!

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