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Max’s Favorite Toy

8:04 pm Filed under: General

Max playing with his footy
Here’s a shot of Max playing with his footy, he get’s right into it!

Lazy Sunday Morning

12:59 am Filed under: General


Max and I tinkering with Dirchie Kart on Sunday morning, he’s starting to smile.

Max Update

12:22 am Filed under: Family

Mum emailed requesting a Max fix, here are a couple of photos documenting some of his features (hover over the images to see the captions). Otherwise we’re all doing really well, fingers crossed his passport rolls up soon so we can head back to Aus in a few weeks.

Big Beautiful Max Max full body shot Thankfully Max doesn't have his mothers toes, his actually bend Max's powerful fists Happy chappy is Max

Hanging with Max in the Study

12:05 am Filed under: General

Here’s a couple of shots of Max hanging out with me in the study, he’s helped me nut out a couple of tough WPF problems for work, as well as some play-testing on Dirchie kart.

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Max’s First Little Adventure

2:44 am Filed under: General

Max's first little adventure Yesterday arvo Zett and I decided to take Max out for his first little adventure, so we strapped him up in his papoose Quato pack, grabbed the camera and headed around the corner to “the Kloof” for a little hike.

We know the bike trails at the Kloof very well, but it all looks quite different from the Hike trails, for example we hadn’t seen Rock Dussies there before, and we ran into a whole nest of them on foot.

Rock Dussie Groenkloof Rock Dussie Groenkloof

On our way back we were a bit disappointed we hadn’t run into our friends the Giraffe’s on our hike, fortunately soon after there was a big hustle near by which turned out to be them barreling through the veld (Bush).

Giraffe Groenkloof Giraffe Groenkloof

Max actually slept most of the way, but cracked it pretty bad on the last little bit, the poor little fella was so terribly hungry he was trying to latch on to my nipple through Princess Lea’s head on my Star Wars T-Shirt.

He didn’t quite settle like we thought he would with the car moving so we had to pull into a BBQ area for an emergency feed, where I managed to snap the pic of the day below out the car window.

Peacock Groenkloof

Pretty successful for our first official family outing, many more to come!

Wii Fit Family

11:50 pm Filed under: Family

Zett WiiFitting herself back into shapeWhen I came out of the study for lunch today Zett was half way through a WiiFit session, she’d been for a little warm up ride around the block on her MTB before hand, great to see her easing back into some exercise.

I was also speaking to Mum this morning as she was enquiring about Max’s weight, seeing we don’t actually have any scales in the house I figured we create him a Mii and track his progress with WiiFit (the weight tracking is about the best use I find for it also).

WiiFit Family Max registering on WiiFit for the first time IMG_2307 Max's in the Idea BMI range

Looks like Max has put on around 250g since last Tuesday, which sounds about right to me.  I was a bit surprised that his BMI was in the ideal range, mine keeps telling me I’m obese, he didn’t fair so well in the balance tests, his WiiFit age was 9 :)

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